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Entrance North Bldg. BareCove Hingham MA

BareCove Building, Derby Street, MA

BareCove North Bldg, Hingham

BareCove South Lobby

Longwater Corp. Cntr. Norwell

Ledgewood Corp. Cntr. Interior

300 Ledgewood Interior

Atrium, Rockland

Braintree Professional Building

BareCove Office Building, Derby Street, MA

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FP Giglio Properties owns and manages corporate and residential properties. We are active in the acquisition and development of office parks, commercial centers, adaptive reuse of historic properties, and residential communities located South of Boston where our core business is focused.

We are committed to maintaining a disciplined approach in our buying and development philosophy, relying on vision and expertise, to acquire and develop investment-worthy properties that allow us to deliver quality leasing opportunities for our clients.

To maintain quality throughout our portfolio, our wholly-owned property management company, 1144 Property Management, LLC, is responsible for all aspects of day-to-day leasing and management operations. Our full-time maintenance team performs and coordinates all property maintenance issues, leasehold improvements and tenant care.

Since our inception in 1979, we have endeavored to exceed the typical role of the landlord/tenant relationship by establishing long-term commitments and partnerships with our tenants. Our diverse portfolio offers an array of products to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s corporate and residential real estate markets.